Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Oregon Territory SPJ Chapter Approves Updated Bylaws

The Oregon Territory SPJ chapter approved new bylaws at it meeting Aug. 13 in Portland. The bylaws outline the mission and operations of the Oregon and Southwest Washington chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.


Members of the Oregon Territory Professional Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists believe an informed public is the basis of justice and democracy. Oregon SPJ members champion freedom of the press; train journalists; encourage students; recognize excellence; and promote the highest ideals of their profession.

ARTICLE I. Definitions
Section 1.
The name of the chapter is the Oregon Territory Professional Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (referred to hereafter as "Oregon SPJ" or "the chapter").
Section 2.
Oregon SPJ encompasses all of Oregon and Southwest Washington as a state chapter of the National Society of Professional Journalists.
The chapter is a member of the national organization's Region 10 – including Oregon, Alaska, Washington, Idaho and Montana.
Section 3.
Oregon SPJ was founded June 22, 1966, as the Willamette Valley Professional Chapter of Sigma Delta Chi (the organization that later became the National Society of Professional Journalists).
Section 4.
"Meetings" refers to regularly scheduled meetings of Oregon SPJ's board of directors.

ARTICLE II. Membership
Section 1.
Membership in Oregon SPJ is open to all individuals engaged in journalism (or the teaching of journalism) as their primary occupation.
Section 2.
Individuals engaged in public relations, advertising and other professions related to journalism but not directly involved in the independent gathering and dissemination of news are not eligible for membership.
However, they may support the efforts of Oregon SPJ by becoming associate members of the organization.

ARTICLE III. Organization
Section 1.
Oregon SPJ is governed by an eight-member board of directors. Board members may be SPJ members or associate members.
Section 2.
Vacancies of the board of directors are filled by a majority vote of the existing board members attending an official meeting of the chapter.
Section 3.
The board is governed by four officers – the president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.
Section 4.
Board officers are elected to one-year terms via a ballot disseminated to the entire membership of the chapter to close Sept. 1.
Section 5.
Board members and officers may be voted out of office by a majority vote of the entire board of directors.
Section 6.
There are no limitations on the number of terms a board officer may serve.
Section 7.
Chapter bylaws may only be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the entire board of directors.

ARTICLE IV. Meetings
Section 1.
The board of directors of Oregon SPJ meets monthly. The exact time and meeting place is determined by a vote of the board.
Section 2.
Other issues concerning the board, as they arise, are addressed with teleconferences,  emails and other forms of long-distance communication.
Section 3.
The president may call special board meetings, if warranted, by providing board members at least 72 hours notice of the meeting.
The exact time, date and location of the meeting will be decided by a consensus of board members.
Section 4.
A board meeting requires a quorum of the board. A quorum is majority of the occupied seats of the board. All actions taken by the chapter will be decided by a majority vote of the board members present.
 Decisions made outside board meetings must be approved by a majority of the entire board.
 Section 5.
The board of directors will hold an annual membership meeting, open to all chapter members. This meeting may coincide with the chapter's annual Excellence in Journalism awards ceremony.

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To get involved in the chapter and its activities, contact Samantha Swindler at or Rob Priewe at

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